MOLTEN - International Conference on Molten Slags, Fluxes and Salts
Location:Seoul, Korea  Map
Start Date:   2020-05-25
End Date:2020-05-29


MOLTEN technical programme is comprised of plenary, parallel and poster sessions. In over 150 presentations authors from 35 countries will discuss recent innovations, developments, research and case studies related to the following areas:
  • Non-Ferrous Pyrometallurgy
  • Industrial Steel and Ferroalloy Making
  • Melt (Slag, Matte, Alloys) Phase Composition, Thermodynamic and Physical Properties - Slag/Metal Equilibrium
  • Modelling of Slags and other Melts sut Kinetics, Transport Phenomena and Process Simulation
  • Molten Salts - Fundamentals and Applications sut Interfacial Phenomena
  • Vessel Integrity and Refractories
  • Mould Fluxes
  • Miscellaneous